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Website construction, static pages and dynamic pages how to choose

2018-12-20 10:18:03

Website construction, static pages and dynamic pages how to choose

Why should e-commerce website construction use static page production? We all know that website production is divided into static page production and dynamic web page production. So which website design technology is better for building e-commerce websites?

The ultimate goal of our website is to provide users with a view, so it is most practical to think from the user's point of view. Although the dynamic webpage creation technology has greatly improved the aesthetics of the webpage, it is not conducive to website optimization. Today's Xiaobian focus and Let's talk about why website construction uses static pages.


The technical principle adopted for static website construction is one-to-one. That is to say, on a website, one content corresponds to one page. No matter how the website visitor operates, the server only transmits the inherent data to the requester. There is no script calculation and background database reading process, which greatly reduces some security risks. In addition to the above-mentioned features of high speed and high security, the static website design also has cross-platform and cross-server functions.

Now friends who are familiar with the working principle of the search engine should know that the information it provides to the majority of users is the information that exists in the database itself rather than the real-time information. The fixed information content is easier to accept and save. We may often encounter such problems. When we search for the information we need, the results may have expired. This is the inadequacy of static page website design, but because it is stable, it will not be delete.

Different from static page website design, the generated dynamic page information is not only difficult to be searched by search engines, but also slow to open and unstable. This is why so many professional website construction companies have repeatedly suggested that customers use static forms of website design. The reason is that some website construction companies will consider pseudo-static processing of the page, but I don't know if you have noticed that the pseudo-statically processed URL is usually irregular.

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