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Novice science! What is the user interface and experience design?

2018-12-20 10:16:23

Z Yuhan: User Interface (UI) design is one of several interdisciplinary topics involved in designing software products. Whether it is user experience (UX, User Experience), interaction design (ID, Interaction Design), or visual / graphic design (Visual / Graphic Design), can involve user interface design.

First, what is the user interface design?

Broadly speaking, the user interface is the medium through which people interact with machines. The user issues an instruction to the machine, and the machine begins a process, responds to the message, and gives feedback. Users can make decisions about the next step based on user feedback.

Human Computer Inter-citon (HCI) focuses on the digital interface, that is, the past punch, command line, and today's graphical interface (GUI, Graphic Design).

User interface design For digital products, the main focus is on layout, information structure, and the display of interface elements on the display and various terminal platforms. Video games and TV interfaces are also included.

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